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These are designed to be out in the weather year round.

Peel off backing and stick'em wherever you want, car, truck, wall locker, ammo box, BBQ Grill, headboard, refrigidtater, riflerack, camper or HumVee.

Pricing is $1.00 each, add .50 for the first and a dollar for each one after that.

Check the 'Will Call' box and I'll send in an envelope.

Measurements are 3 inch x 3 inch.

These are made of the same of the same stuff as my other stickers, GOOD STUFF:)

From my supplier:

UV Screen Ink
The ink used in our screen printing process is a UV (Ultraviolet) cured ink that is designed to withstand the elements for long-term outdoor use. UV inks contain the same vibrant pigments used in automotive paints. Compared to other screen printed inks (solvent and water based) as well as flexo, digital and offset ink, UV screen ink is the most durable and long-lasting ink available.

In other print processes, such as offset, a UV Varnish might be applied in order to increase the lifespan of the ink. While generally a less expensive process, this is not a good substitute for screen printed UV ink, as the pigments will fade significantly faster, generally less than 1 year.

White Vinyl 8pt
Vinyl is a long-term outdoor product intended for direct sunlight exposure and will last 3-5 years depending on location. Because vinyl is flexible and pliable, it is capable of adhering to multiples type of surfaces. Vinyl is the most economic material available for long-term outdoor use.

The 8pt tag liner provides a thick and sturdy carrier for the vinyl material. This liner is made without silicone on the back side so that customers can print a marketing message, promotional coupon, or product information, without disrupting the branding message on the product.
Other materials, such as paper or polypropylene, will not withstand outdoor elements. Over time they will yellow, crack, and become brittle.

NOTE: If only ordering stickers, choose the "Will Call" option at checkout. This will bypass the $6.80 flat rate shipping. I'll then stamp it and go 1st Class.

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